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Linda Jacobs

Associate Professor of Human Development and Leadership

B.A., Brooklyn College, CUNYM.A., Ph.D., New York University


Diagnostic Assessment of Children, School Psychology


  • Author, “Resurrecting the Buried Self: Fairy Tales and the Analytic Encounter.” published in Psychoanalytic Review (2011)
  • Author, “Meeting Beyond the Frame: Extraordinary Demands and Analytic Choices,” published in Psychoanalytic Perspectives (2009)
  • Author, “Parent-Centered Child Work: A Relational Shift in Child Treatment,” published in Journal of Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (2006)
  • Co-author, “Parent Focused Child Therapy: Attachment, Identification, and Reflective Functions” (2006)
  • Co-author, “Parent Therapy: A Relational Alternative to Working with Children” (2002)
  • Author, “AIDS Curriculum for School District 15”
  • Author, “Family Origins of Marital Concepts,” published in The CUNY Woman’s Coalition Journal
  • Author, “Onset of Parenting and Stressful Events,” published in The Journal of Prevention
  • Author, “The Psychology of the Rapist and His Victim,” published in “Rape: The First Sourcebook for Women"