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Master of Public Administration

The 48-credit, N.A.S.P.A.A.-accredited Master of Public Administration prepares students for public service responsibilities, blending management theory with practical applications in government, health and non-profit organizations. Students from diverse backgrounds with varying levels of professional expertise, are taught by faculty members who are current in all aspects of this continuously evolving and growing field.

The program of study is flexible and can be tailored to accommodate the professional requirements of the student by offering specialization courses that provide them with the opportunity to examine a specific management function or an area of application in greater depth.

Areas of specialization include public administration, non-profit management, urban government management, human resources management, law and management, international public management and social policy management. Other specializations can be developed in consultation with a faculty advisor from the broad spectrum of courses available through the Program and the School, as well as through courses available across the Campus.

The Program is divided into four parts: an introductory sequence that provides 18 credits of public service sector foundations and skills, followed by 12 credits of focused management topics including human resources, budgeting and financial management, law and accountability. Students then take 12 credits in an area of specialization and a required six-credit integrative capstone experience, which culminates in a project and a formal presentation.

Admission is on a rolling basis, so you can start your course of study during the fall, spring or summer. Call Ms. Maria Yangas 718-488-1071 for more information or fill out an online application now.

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