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Bojana Beric-Stojsic

Department Chairperson, Public HealthAssociate Professor

Doctor of Philosophy, Steinhardt School of Education (2005); New York University, New York, NY Master of Arts in Health Education (1997); Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ Doctor of Medicine (1981) Medical Faculty, University of Novi Sad; Novi Sad, Yugoslavia


Preparation of Public Health Professionals; Pedagogy in Health Promotion; Global Health and Human Rights; Health Education in Schools and Colleges.


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Lectures and Presentations

Beric-Stojsic, B., Corbin, H., Potts-Datema, W., Riley, A.H., Rush, S., Simmons, R., … Walter, G. Global Perspectives and Health For All: A Community of Practice Roundtable Session. SOPHE 68th Annual Meeting in Denver Colorado (March 30, 2017).

Corbin, H., Beric-Stojsic, B, M’Cormack, F., Perez, M., Allegrante, J. A., Afifi, R., Rice, M., & Kanekar, A. Facilitators for the actual presentation: Hope Corbin and Bojana Beric-Stojsic Teaching health promotion ethics: Strategies, methods and activities that inspire critically reflective practice. Round table discussion session at 22nd IUHPE World Conference in Curitiba, Brazil (May 23, 2016).

Beric - Stojsic, B., Johnson, D., Sweeney, E., & Verity, S. Zika Virus: What you need to know and what you want to know. Panel presentation in response to global emergency, LIU Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY (April 20, 2016).

Beric-Stojsic, B. The Program Planning and Evaluation service-learning graduate course, designed as a “flipped classroom” teaching/learning experience. Podium presentation, SOPHE 67th Annual Meeting, Teaching Innovation Session, in Charlotte, North Carolina (April 1, 2016).

Corbin, H., Rush, S., Beric-Stojsic, B., Walter, G, Janousek, J., Marsee, J., ….. Perez, M. Global Health, Sustainable Development Goals, and Ethics: Teaching Health Education Leaders for the 21st Century. Think-tank session at SOPHE 67th Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina (March 31, 2016).

Beric - Stojsic , B., Connecting the Balkans and the Global Society by addressing the UN SDGs 17 and 5. Presentation at the First Plenary Session, ECPD - International Conference on Future of the World Between Globalization and Regionalization, City Hall, Belgrade, Serbia (October 24, 2015).

Berić, B. The reproductive youth health planning through targeted education of parents and professionals involved in the care of youth. [Planiranje Reproduktivnog Zdravlja Mladih kroz Ciljanu Obuku Roditelja i Stručnjaka Uključenih u Brigu o Mladina.] Podium presentation, IV ECPD International Summer School on Reproductive Health Promotion and Health Care of Reproductive Health, University for Peace established by the United Nations. Miločer, Montenegro (July 8, 2015).


Founding Editorial Board Member of the Pedagogy in Health Promotion: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning SOPHE Journal (2014-present)

Representative to United Nations for SOPHE and IUHPE (2010-present)

Founder and CEO of the “Professor Dr. Milan Stojsic Foundation, Inc.” nonprofit charity that awards exceptional students at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia (2001-present)