Kathryn Krase, Ph.D., J.D. M.S.W.
Chairperson/Associate Professor

Naterena Parham-Cofield
Administrative and Student Support Coordinator 
Department of Social Work
School of Health Professions
LIU Brooklyn
1 University Plaza
Health Sciences Building, Room 205
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 488-1025

B.A. in Social Work

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Work program seeks to train entry-level social work practitioners and prepare them to meet the growing, unique and varied social service needs of the diverse communities of Brooklyn and the greater New York area. These practitioners will have strong clinical, advocacy and administrative skills that they will put to use in community-based organizations across the region. The first accredited social work program in Brooklyn, the B.A. in Social Work places emphasis on working with the growing geriatric population; with racially, ethnically and socially diverse groups; and with immigrant populations.

The program distinguishes itself by tailoring the curriculum to reflect and to respond to the educational needs of a non-traditional, ethnically diverse student body, that will in turn, work with an equally diverse population of more than 4 million people in Brooklyn. It further distinguishes itself by affording local community-based organizations with the opportunity to articulate their needs for well-trained generalists, by allowing them to have input into the nature of the program's curriculum. In addition to preparing students for careers in social work, the program also prepares students who seek to pursue a graduate degree in social work and in other related fields.

Students are required to complete a total of 120-credit program, also requires successful completion of field work in the third and fourth years.

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Outcomes Assessment

BASW Field manual 2017-2018

BASW Program Student Handbook 2017-2018

Applying for Admission

All applicants must apply for admission to Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus. Please apply online at My LIU or use the Apply Now link on the left-side navigation. For more information on the admissions process, visit the Office of Admissions Web site.

Program Requirements

Students are required to complete a total of 120 credits, including 44 credits in social work. While anyone may complete the paperwork and declare social work as a major (form does need the chair's signature), to stay in the Social Work Program all students must pass SWK 101 with a B or better before they are allowed to take advanced courses (SWK 170, 171,182 and 183), to perform field work, and to become an official candidate for the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) degree. Transfer students can apply for acceptance to the Program at time of admission to the University, or any time thereafter.

  • Students are advised to keep the following formula for graduation in mind:
  • Students must complete 128 overall credits, 84 credits in core curriculum and 44 credits in social work.
  • Students must have 48 credits in advanced courses. Advanced courses are courses with the number 100 and higher (e.g. Physical Education 22 does not count as an advanced course. However, Physical Education 101 does).
  • Students must take 44 credits in social work. (All Social work courses are advanced courses, thereby fulfilling 41 of the 48 required advanced level courses).


School of Health Professions

Barry S. Eckert, Dean